Web Design and Promotion Studio. Web sites and web pages development. Internet-marketing, researches, search engines optimization (SEO, citation index increasing), and other internet-oriented advertising and promo-actions with marketing automation solutions.

Our products and services:

  • Development and making entire set of components and services to promote any information in WWW environment from the very outset to the last degree. The standard set of operations (as per contract or requirements specification) includes:
    • Definition of market segments and developing the promo-plan.
    • Development of visual components including webdesign and webprogramming, advertising graphic components (trade marks, banners, presentation animations etc).
    • Making of advertising platforms and writing of programmatic components for server's support and automations.
    • Allocation of all elements and components of the project in a network and their testing.
    • Realization of a complex of promo-actions.
    • Maintenance and support of the project

Any kinds of components or activities can be made separately with preliminary acclimatization them to the specific requirements of the customer. Including:

  • Development of internet-projects of following types:
    • Simple web-pages, web-documents, web-cards for different size business firms, corporations, non-profit organization etc.
    • Usual static web sites.
    • Dynamic websites and webpages without servers' support and programming.
    • Dynamic websites and webpages with servers' support and/or programming.
    • Specialized resources used for progression of the main resources (resources to promote) and acting as advertising platforms.
    • Development of corporate binding web-systems (for affiliation and joining of already existing resources in unified information space, for synchronization of activity of remote corporate services, offices etc.)

  • Produce of visual advertising parts and components: banners, animations and other graphic objects of all formats and technologies from GIF and Flash up to CHTML.

  • Development of marketing policies and strategy with a maximum specialization under your requirements and directional on the necessary segment of an internet-audience.

  • Realization of promo-activities of your resources(projects, links, brands...) in a World Wide Web, both complex and/or special. Among standard promo-operations:
    • Mass registrations in search-engines, directories, and other places of WWW.
    • Mass submissions of the information about activity of your company on bulletin boards and others bbs-like resources.
    • Realization of a complex of arrangements on banner and links exchange with other resources.
    • Realization of the special actions (No any SPAM! Only legal methods of advertizing, promoting and manipulating with traffic and resources).

  • Allocation of the internets-projects on physical resources of the WWW with or without registration of hostings and domain names. In number of versions:
    • On paid resources on our selection.
    • On paid resources on You selection.
    • On charge-free resources on our selection.
    • On charge-free resources on You selection.
    • Another...

  • Support and constant tracking of the projects. Including:
    • Tracking and support of the projects of our development and realization.
    • Tracking and support of the projects made by the third developers and transferred to us for further service.
    • Possibility of full or partial support.

  • Adaptations and full renovations of already existing and active projects.
    • Additions and renovations of the projects of our developing.
    • Additions and renovation of the projects made by the third developers.

  • Realization of non-typical special activities and measures in virtual space. If you have specific problems, address to us. We'll elaborate special methods, adjust with Your demands and take it as basic to promote your business.


* * *

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